Diego Naranjo

Lawyer, Policy Advocate, Digital Rights Activist

Here is a selection of some of my talks:
The future of encryption in the European Union

Video del debate sobre la Directive de copyright con Yolanda Quintana (PDLI), Virginia Díez (Wikimedia), David Bravo y moderado por Lola Sánchez (Eurodiputada, Podemos)
Debate sobre la Directiva de copyright (Podemos, Parlamento Europeo)

Video of the panel about upload filters in the copyright Directive debate (starting from 2:58:52
Content Moderation & Removal at Scale (ALDE Group, European Parliament)

Citzens or subjects? The battle to control our bodies, speech and communications- Video recording
Talk with Andreea Belu (EDRi) at 35C3 (Leipzig, Alemania)

Slides of the presentation at the Public Policy Exchange event held in Brussels on 20 November 2018
A New Era for Data Protection: Implementing the European Data Protection Reform- Public Policy Exchange event held in Brussels on 20 November 2018

Video recording of my presentation on alternatives to Faebook, Google and Twitter
Event organised at the European Parliament by the GUE Group titled: "Facebook and other social dangers" (My presentation starts at 12:12:18)

Slides on EDRi's work on data protection and privacy
Presentation organised by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung on 18 September in Brussels

Interview at Turkish channel TRT on the vote in Plenary of the copyright Directive

Presentación general en la Universidad de Sevilla sobre privacidad y relaciones laborales
Consejos prácticos
Universidad de Sevilla

Slides on the "Rights of the data subject in the context of automated individual decision-making and profiling in the context of the GDPR"
Annual Conference on the EU Data Protection Law on 19-20 April in Brussels

Slides for the Privacy Café at BeerMania
Privacy Café (BeerMania, Brussels) organised by by DiEM25

Video of the talk about "Tracking at first sight" at the Love at first swipe - EDPS event. Slides available here
European Parliament (Brussels, Belgium, 12 February 2018)

Rage Against the Censorship Machine
Copycamp 2017 - The Internet of Copyrighted Things (Warsaw, Poland, 28-29 October 2017)

Con ventiquattromila dati- The challenges of the ePrivacy Regulation
eprivacy 2017 summer edition (Lucca, Italy, 23-24 June 2017)

Taller sobre Derechos Digitales
Taller sobre Derechos Digitales, Sevilla (Andalucia)

Stop the Censorship Machines! How can we prevent mandatory upload filters in the EU? (VIDEO)
re:publica 2017, Berlin (Germany)

Presentation of our copyfails campaign at CopyCamp2016
Copycamp 2016, Warsaw (Poland)

Copyright Reform Unlocking copyright for users HD
Round table at the European Parliament, Brussels (Belgium)

EU’s copyright overhaul, interview with Diego Naranjo
TRT World interview (video), Live interview from Brussels

Panel Discussion on Policy Making for personal data
MyData 2017, Helsinki (Finland)

If you have any queries, feel free to contact me either by sending a mail (diego dot naranjo @ edri dot org) or via Twitter (dnbsevilla).